2:00 p.m. 01.01.15 - Day One of the New One
Music: Bob Dylan Basement Tapes RAW.


the body, mine actually, the grammatical differences
in opinions, words here and there try to show
the body doesn't go well with these cold days
I just read: 76 deg. a dumb report,
the sky dark gray cold wind chilly both inside
and out, my guess is around 65deg.
muscles sore cramped, movement not fun
lethargic as a whole, thirty five years sitting,
this only occurred to me yesterday
when asked how long by a stranger
I knew it was that long of course but never put
a fact on it, the body though, tough resilient,
way to strong for its and my own good
the winters just getting going letting me know
whose home I live on. Thank you for that or this
it's been good

the title, the one on top about the years
I can see this is going to go on and on
until I come across a path train tracks a highway a road
a river a boat a bridge a way across over down winding
round and round, lots of stuff along the way, some mine,
some yours, the writing whats it all about,
it hasn't started writing, its still in my head
wording itself to an early death or form of;
gone from hear to here; blessings are one thing
a salve a touch a feel an ointment a caring
what is it that keeps my minds attention
while it wanders in and out of all sorts looks abound
I need to live around a group of people a commune
back to where I was when the thirty five years began
“You Can't Go Back” or
“Get Back to Where You Once Belonged;
contradictions of life, where am I in all this
besides needing sun on my body or a warm house
or a warm body alongside mine
warm minds alongside each other mingling
with and while each others mind plays secrets
hidden ready to bloom open in full color
of the beauty of Oneness Openness
the way of me is not on track slipped a rail
balance jogged the pleasure of this company missing
is about how I am doing here on day one.

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