- I’m the Mechanic of my body ? - (

The poem Mechanic of My Life came from the rambelings below.


I’m my body’s mechanic
was that it, no, maybe not, it slipped by
me again, my mind not as sharp as a
I don't know if 'YOU SAID WHAT?' was the title
or first line, no, it's just a little off kilter, wobbly
on the way to somewhere else a line appeared
that was so wordless I knew I wouldn't forget it
so here we are, brake time, back to what I was doing
but the
slipped by part came back, better for the trip

Thinking: as Imagining a Visual of What Is
and what is to come - The book, The Book Thief,
I highly recommend. You come to like death
in a friendly natural way of things as they are
such a simple way we humans have when we drop
the mind off at a substation - and take the body
to the countryside a river a lake a creek a stream
a spring in the Spring memories of body-full still alive
get um take um in take um in gather ourselves up
getting to the country

The country may be it my forest mind I'm blessed
to have lived there myself when the time was right
felt learned lived in the Seasons the woods
the meadow the creek so simple such a simple time
so simple that the work was easy it was balanced
time to get firewood so much and how soon question
what about this, where is it heading, are you trying
to find the lost phrase you lost a while back?
Yeah, it is.

See, this is enough of this character’s shenanigans
to stop thinking and writing...

~~~~~~~ later~~~~~~~

relax lay back pillows quiet everything feels like a perfect fit
closer than fit, no boundaries just words
watching ones come in and how they fit together
as they weave patterns of some sort a structure
of words I'm just relaxing giving my body some time
off from carrying my mind around all day and night
thinking it would be the way to relax and watch
the words come in not so much in order but bouncing
melting dissolving taking new shapes falling
in place settling into the familiar patterns
of the new host learning their ways becoming them
occupying the same place of safety join belong
fit in there's nothing else out there
who then can we believe...
here is where changes came at about age fourteen
all the above haven't been thinking much about
these lasts dozens of words always come back to relax
is what I am doing and not thinking oh the regular stuff
breathing eating being the mechanic of my life
a teenager dropping from Catholic church
simply because none of it made any sense
it took another thirteen years for the path to find me
here is where the words began telling a story of me
a nowhere man going nowhere what is there to see
why a story, maybe to me a good story, all of it still within me
so why the words, easy, because I can read them and feel them
like music telling stories bending notes echoing them
bringing the listener closer to the intentions of the song

(Good line that one: I'm the Mechanic of My Life)
then this poems pops up from out or in from nowhere

Mechanic of My Life

Mechanic of My Life

keep the motor running
keep the joints loose &
keep them coming

keep the chatter down
keep the matter meaningful-less
keep them in tune

keep the questions to a minimum
keep the answers up front
keep them covered

keep the balls rolling
keep the faith
keep them well lubed

keep the wheels turning
keep the machine tuned
keep them aligned

keep what you know
keep what you don't
keep them together

All as One Thing Always
Words the Threads holding
The Tool Box handy..

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