just enough in just enough out
because we no longer live primal
we need to maintain a connection
to the solid machine set to self
destruct mode as must be its mission
its reason for existing to support
like a badly damaged ego hunting for
repairs so being content so to speak
just enough in just enough out
allows anyone to sail the unknown seas
the seas that we are part of and are
seeds of consciousness sprouting
gliding us maybe nowhere but centered
the center holds it together with
a bit of leeway

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\SLIPPED OFF THE TRACK\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

...find myself getting off track being serious and goofy in the same poem,
I need find a way to blend words to go both ways which I know how to do
but need to keep on the same wave length of each poem like the living
ON THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD how that feels to me why it is right for me
I can simply just be me - what does it look like? Its texture? Its simple living for one,
with occasional mild extravaganzas, a solid warm house, my way of saying how this feels
to me is from my experiencing this way of life the woods - cabin, no electric no phone
no indoor plumbing snow in the winter simple. But now I am a town person in the market place
mostly incognito and with the missing conveniences welcomed
my mind is not so simple it is just about everything in between
sailing the center
with fewer spinoffs
as I age
so here is an example below of what I had written upon reaching the end of the first stanza of the Off Track poem.
I intruded myself with the above getting off track stuff


then the dancing flittering off into
the edges of the other two sides
the outskirts of their own edges
the rough parts of their towns
for a joy ride for a lesson for keeps
not to far either way and the center holds
for everyone to slip on over to curiously
but those days are gone not to easy
to slip away it went from wood to iron to steel
titanium - the doors steel the traps aplenty
enough to hold most at bay
but cracks are appearing in the armored
walls of the paper castles
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\MORE OF OFF THE TRACK\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
see what I mean? In progress, or in for repairs...

- gary schooley
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