The common theme throughout this conversation I’m having with myself is;
The answer; if you must have one, is no more questions!

NOTE: Severely outdated but kept for posterity?

Way back in 01.03.12. Me, getting some rest sun and relaxation,
something we all need, and after a divorce, a necessity.

An afternoon at the beach on my recently renovated wheel-beach-chair with Rufus who loves to swim and yes that is his tongue hanging out having just finished a half hour of chasing tennis balls into the ocean.

If some of the writing you read here seems strange it may be because it is. Hundreds of hours of research has been done by many writers and seekers to come to some of the conclusions here regarding Non Duality - No Mind. You do not have to believe what is said or you can believe it. It is all for fun and laughter, and most importantly, a way of life that makes sense, to me anyway. A way of life out side and away from the strange beliefs that are the norm in this phase of civilization. It brings out my goofiness, my irreverence to all things scared, and to the laughter of what this creation has fallen into. And then I write all this and expose a side of me or maybe the whole of me that is un-relatable or maybe fully relatable, care to join me?


Reading the below first, before ‘Untitled’ will have your mind wondering if this guy has lost it.

Of course ‘nothing’ can’t be real! And it would depend on what is meant by ‘real’ in this context. This is a tricky subject to write about especially from an uneducated mind such as mine. My attempt is in part to find a way for my mind to develop an understanding, no, a ‘knowing’ that the reality presented to me as a young child was and is false. No blame here. It is what we are all taught as a matter of course because this way of being here is how it is and has been for a long time. So long of a time that there is no history of how life formed here, on earth at least, not to mention our universe and beyond. It is not to say that we should disappear and leave this illusory state we call reality, but to see that our perception of the reality presented to us a birth is not what it appears to be;
it is not solid.


So, what's on my mind? Lots of Nothing; meaning everything! Eventually though, no mind appears, looks around, sees nothing, and with facial expressions worthy of an Actors Studio graduate, exclaims, catches itself, then bursts out; "Who is exclaiming? Was that me?” Keeping with a common thread, which is meant to be about this ‘No Mind’ subject, and, more interestingly, who is it that recognizes No Mind? Can both no mind and mind actually live in harmony with each other?

My path, my ‘belief’ system maybe, is that I only know that which I know. Grammar aside, I know the earth is in hostile space covered with a thin coating allowing life to evolve. Water, oxygen, plant life, food for all sentient beings, residents of this globe, and do we eat it up! One thing that I know is that humans eat up the resources, forge iron, steel, titanium, create antibiotics, pancakes, wheatgerm from ingredients provided by resources within the egg, so to speak, that we are living off of, and you know, assemble steel buildings, aircraft, trucks, guns, bombs, develop political parties and religions, saviors, borders, perform genocide, rape, recite payers, groom spiritual beings, agnostics, and so on. This I we know to be true and factual - what else is there other than what we
know from personal experience? Opinions? It just is. It is what it is. Back to grammar; what is the difference between ‘It is what it is’ & It just is’? My scantily educated mind brings out this sometimes appearing faulty grammar and philosophy.

Laughter here yes, the belly erupts, laughter explodes from the mouth... Yo! Yoyo your mind, break out of the illusion, wake up from the dream! There is a vast area of a place where peace tranquility and nirvana is the norm. If my mind can grasp the concept that everything we ‘see’ is not really what it appears to be; it actually does not exist in my reality, it is my minds workings that creates this reality, then peace of mind will enter my time living here for me as a human being. Remember; I am new at this and will be attempting not so regular edits corrections contradictions and updates. This is why the format it not a blog because if it were, it would fail for the reason of staleness.

It is hard to believe... this tale, this wagging of the tail of the monkey, this play of a trickster, this joker, this ending tale, where the dream is shattered and we wake up to who we 'really' are, and what is that? Doun ask, 'cause nothing is real'.

A virgin Birth? A ‘God’ who sends his only ’son’ down to forgive us of our ‘sins’? The older I get the more astounding this sounds and to know that half of the people in this planet pretty much think that they believe this is way is beyond my comprehension. So far beyond that I am set free from the bonds that constrain us from having fun.

Go head an pinch your mind, pinch your teachers mind; ask him or her:
What is real? And NO, I not taking 'drugs'! This ‘I’ of ‘me’ has slipped out of the dream that had it into believing that this, all of this, was 'real' when it was never told me what was real and what was not real, yes, reel, a reel, a film, a story, this story we were told from a young age and we believed it to be 'true' not knowing how to differentiate truth from the big lie that we had no de-fence against believing, so 'we' went along.

Disclaimer: This is written off the cuff, no drafts no rereading no editing no 'corrections' but yes to everything say yes to life!

November 1st 2010 + March 2011. Gary Is

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