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Necessary note regarding Part Three:
All of these women whom I’ve written about here, came into my life after my becoming a paraplegic.

All poems on this page written within a 30 day period of time, (twenty eight years ago), when one Muse, you, made an entrance, into, and alongside, my me. My being letting you do your thing. Bringing many words ideas and above all inspiration to mind that were not there previously.

GATHERING UP WORDS AGAIN: thirty years after my Muse appeared
thirty poems thirty days and seven year timing optional
elationship that worked for us both good times all around
she you did her your magic perfectly exasperating
at times but the love was always the holding power
and here I am again going somewhere

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All poems here are about women deeply woven in my life, (name alterations added) who were just
so good so right at the right times. I love you,


those early moments of recognition
knowing the path would clear 
excitement nervousness, go slow
weeks a month a year pass then touching
drawing closer both of us prepared yet
unprepared for the energy to come
it did and we let it happen 
open undisguised for all to see
to the surprise of friends “what?”
we went all the way travelling long miles
and loving long across the northern lands
in that perfect travelling van 
back on the farm planning building labor 
nails screws concrete backhoes pipe 

my first time for unconditional love
this I cherish and always will
it ended in a sad way yet parted as friends
for good logical sound reasons 
you moved to a better place in life
more than I could give, yet the love persists

I was blessed from those early moments
Eugene Oregon Saturday Market
the simple act of walking holding hands
two of us alone looking like we belonged together
the first indication of something between us
that is what my mind was doing, yours?

We were both married it went no further
several years passed our connection being
the pleasure of arguing, funny but oh so true
no attempt by either of us to go there
then fate intervened both our lives changed
the playing field freeing us to be together
we taught each other how to open wide
our hearts our minds our bodies our trust
I was blessed to be with you those four years
to be in the state of the grace of love
a love that carries me through the years


my Muse arrives bringing words in variations fitting the occasion of our connection.


Gathering up words
collecting dust
falling between the lines
seeming to awkward
to speak
be ready
remain poised

I am a wanderer of this mind
of mine travelling through
hidden memory caves caverns tombs
trying to speak
words tumble
through my lips openings
at last
Recognition Dawns

Words appear like magic
I understand
my life
my self
and what to do
is taken casually


She Waits for Christmas

Spellbound by a beastly animal
Sexually soft/entrancing/fascinating
Breasts Heave nipples harden
Wicked wicked wicked
The butterfly lives on unharmed
Childlike she wait for Christmas
tasting touching till the wee hours
The bells ring the fifth is opened
We ourselves open wide and deep
Together we move within
We float, wallow even
Osmosis fluids flowing free
Lost on a magical island
Red tulip distance closing
Every time the first time
Under thunder and lightening
The animal remains
Clm peaceful sensitive
Reduced to slavery.

A gale

At The Place Where Questions usually

it is amazing to me
how we passed on
through one another so
gently our deep touching
caressing our auras
gently stoked our hearts
we knew then
somehow we belonged
we fit in so easily
with the destiny
we don’t question
our hearts became freer
laughter was always easy
stretching out time somewhat
we stayed longer
we laughed and played
at the place where questions
usually begin
we left softly and gently
smiling and lovingly
a knowing was present
it amazes me how much we knew
how well we did
gently and softly
on our ways home.


Self Serv

I remember the setting sun glowing
brightly behind your orange hair
you holding the gas nozzle
at a self serve in that tiny town
hiding in the Washington wheat fields

You jumped right in
and helped me in so many ways
you gave me what I needed most
love fire muscle brains
you always were
a good driver
a good kisser
a good cook
it took me awhile to even believe
you love me so

This is a thank you note
to thank you for coming in
for being there
when I needed you
for being there
when I needed you

You will always be there

A gale


In such warm and wonderful way you have given me a gift
of light and love
expectedly you entered and evolved
with such intense intuitive introspection
a wisp of wit with wisdom
pausing to please a passing phase
inviting infinite innocence
touching tasting teaching

I dare no think so much
I can only peek at this gift
not sure that it for me
to have to hold

Patience is this lesson

my Muse


Love is certainly present
but this is a Great Like
like enough for me
to slip in
to open and risk.
I could forget it too
let it slide there is a fear in me.
I notice a great lake before me
I look around and see
the mountain streams
pouring in
then I watch the river
flowing out.

The Lake
remaining the same
yet different
teeming with new life
old life
inviting me in.
I seek that balance
with another
flowing into receiving
letting go
being fed nourished
maintaining perfect balance
I could slip
in easily.



she swept in surprise an understatement
heart a flutter a fluter a flutter
home grown Mid-Westerner
taking flight rising up sailing away
out of the known out in to nothing
a rebellious sannyasin
pure unpossessive love flows
through bodies minds full and empty
connect disconnect disconnect connect
attach detach enter depart no boundaries
coming leaving hellos and good byes
lost to not needed language
no agenda no deals



I will let you pass
Go away go on
I will let you pass
through me
The impressions stay
The ways in which you have
changed me
what you have given me
The cellar imprints
you have left
upon me
The way I feel you
Inside me
I need let you pass
through me
Your touch stays forever
you in me
is permanent


Red Flower Power


you came into my life in a big way
out of nowhere but of course somewhere
it didn’t matter though it only took a few days
until we were sharing the same bed going
every where including three months on the road
first to san pedro to pick up the van then
Las Vegas stalled for five days waiting for a broken
air conditioner to be fixed then on to Zion National Park,
Brice, Canyon Lands, Arches, New Mexico, Arizona Colorado
Idaho - The Great Basin, five days in Chaco Canyon, stunning
Santa Fe - saunas hot tubs our first real break
from the road three months and only three motels
and only three ’spats’ that we cleared before they got serious
on through Utah such a magical state
Canyon Lands a week there hard to leave eden
an instant couple freer to be us as one no divide
yet an accepted ending in sight

Vancouver Island from the bottom to the top
goats living on the grass roof of a restaurant
other marvels like the Victoria ferry to Seattle down
through Washington Oregon California where the van
fell apart and a new one was acquired, wow,
you gave my life meaning outside of Haiku our home
you with big skies big smiles a big heart a positive way about you
taking charge in situations that left me free this personable
loving giving a friend lover what more can a man want
if even for three years time we knew of course from the beginning
that this was to be temporary - one scene of our lives playing
you had a life plan, and a back door out, that you shared with me
from the start ,which I accepted as time was on our side,
another adventure with a beautiful strong adventurous woman
by my side in all ways

I still have the photos we took in a book somewhere
in a box somewhere, haven’t seen them in years.

This one came about during some thinking phase a few years ago.
Our time together - time frame is lost on me, so guessing, after 1985 and before1989?
Not that time matters. It was happening it was good it was a pleasure.

More to be added...
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