always about thoughts
is all it is thats it
everything else is in
the physical realm cool
always good to get with
the heart rate blood pressure
know the workings of your body
i have to force myself to get active
coffee i've come back to after
a brief absence for some reason

i don't know what the subject was about
that first paragraph reading it over
had to be read as it is written
it is the introduction truly magical gusts
of cleansing scattering winds
four thousand years ago
life was different and here we are now
and now we are here as for me
i have to force myself to get through the day
I can laugh at this phenomena
having to force myself to do anything
placed and misplaced words
not anything I thought went into a word
i have to dull out the edges though
i can be rough on myself

so again, another paragraph to explain,
describe, and tell what those other two
are about, whats their trip, and how does
this have anything to do with us at all
being here leaving the grammatical errors
no matter it is about having to force myself
to do more physical stuff, not that i'm
a couch potato by no means it just gets rugged
the more years you have on you yeah, so,
this is an example of wayward thinking
there is a lot going on a lot of movement
swaying rolling twisting hully gully spinning
so many changes on all levels makes you
want to check them out go back go in
be there that other phase time was...
am who now same old story, it's a way
of staying off-story in deep gullies crevices
keep it all at the introduction phase
slightly hidden concealed confusing
this lessons concludes with
the last five lines or so; sleepy is my excuse..

- gary schooley

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