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In former times, at least in some parts of the world, the real aficionados of the circus could arise early in the morning, go out to the yards and watch the trains roll in and the elephants being harnessed to raise the Big Top. For many, that was the best part of the show: seeing how the circus came to town, put their act together, then packed it all up and moved on, as if by magic.

Here at the Grove Of Dragons we're up early every morning these days to greet our Golden Opportunity Dawning, to Go Online Daily, to watch how, bit by bit, byte by byte, G.O.D. Bros TLC comes to cyberspace. Just at dawn of course, the dawn of Aquarius, we begin downloading an imagination train of Guaranteed Omniversal Diversity into a single Game Of Discovery, a Guarantee Of Deliverance from the Grips Of Despair into a Garden Of Delights.

Entertaining detrainment circulating creative imaginations upon the electronic frontiers where Archtypical Barkers are pitching the Big Top of G.O.D., G.O.D. Bros Travelling Circus presents a Game Of Discovery, the Global Organic Development of the first for-real cybercircus in world history.

Old in essence, original in present form, the General Overall Direction we follow -- "Buy G.O.D.!" : ~ ) -- is creating a planetary show-and-tell of acts, sideshows and concessions in the arts, sciences and humanities, in which a sincere love of the ring is playing within the natural law of the ring, the natural logic and cycle of all things that have a beginnning, a middle, and an end.

What we want to see - show - present - is the very best that the human race has to offer in appreciation for the LIFE WHEEL, that which, alone, affords LIFE'S WEAL.

A Broadway show wants to honor its out-of-town preview audiences as fully as it possibly can, while at the same time travelling the circuit breaking in the show. At these preview performances, everyone -- producers, performers and audience alike -- all share the understanding that things will change, that wrinkles will iron out and the same show, when it opens on Broadway, will be a tighter, more polished cut above the preview toured --applauded and inspired onward by the out-of-town audiences and (hopefully) favorable critical reviews.

As it seems to be in the natural course of events and flow of history that humans visit the moon and go onward, so, in like manner, we present G.O.D. Bros Travelling Circus here on Earth in preparing to go onward.

Having broken in our show on this small fringe planet to everyone's mutual satisfaction and esteem, and having thereby reached critical mass, we'll apply for a web site on the Intergalactic Net.

Sure, we'll want our best foot forward at that time -- the Intergalactic Web is Big Time, after all -- we'll want to present the very best this planet - and our species - has to offer. Of course! Naturally.

Yet at the same time, can we afford to pretend (our scouts tell us it's a very critical audience out there ) that we're any better than we really are? That we can handle our planet as well as anyone out there in the galaxies can handle theirs?

Naturally we'll want to give G.O.D. some time to settle into balance on the high wire we've chosen for our play before we perform any Gleeful Outrageous Dancing full-on intergalactic.

Meanwhile we're working to bring you the best show that we, with your participation and support, can possibly put on the wire.... Global Online Development our purpose, Grow Or Die our cry. :-)

So hur-ray hur-ray hur-ray Ladeees and Gentlemen Of Distinction, take your places please, the show is about to begin!

Thanks for visiting!


En garde! Caution! Hard hat area ahead!
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