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"Every language is a temple in which the soul of those who speak it is enshrined." --Oliver Wendell Holmes

Vaðnðmoðnens Mythology
1995 by A.Barker

The Bock Saga Introduction and Commentary
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The Bock Saga cannot be written, only written about. Why?

"Sa" means to receive. "Ga" means to give. The process of receiving/giving introduced here took place from generation to generation in the Bock Family via the linguistic system; the "sound system", of Rot (say "root") language. The nucleus of this system is a ring of 23 sounds, each of which has specific meaning(s). The meaning(s) of each individual sound must be approached and defined within the context of and in relation to the meaning(s) of all other sounds comprising the ring. The "ring-ing" inspired by the sound system of Rot language demands and cultivates an activity within the human brain that roots, educates and nourishes the integrated processes of consciousness and communciation observable (and intuited) in the laws of nature which we take to mean those laws which actually determine and govern observable events..

When symbols - letters - representing the 23 sounds are written upon a page, in a ring, we see an "alphabet" that revolves clock-wise in a continuum. The accompanying development of logic patterns inherent within - and emanating from - sequences discovered, imagined and followed in correlating these specifically meaningful sounds form a "mandala", a particular kind of ring.

This non-linear alphabet can not be written in a column with a beginning and an end; rather it is given to circulate, literally, socially and logically. Like ripples radiating from a handful of pebbles thrown into a pond, the unfoldings of interdependent meanings are ceaselessly converging and overlapping, encouraging spontaneous, simultaneous non-linear thought processes (synaptic connections) that replicate the concurrent cyclical and radiant movements of creation itself. This not only parallels natural laws evidenced within the larger system but, as well, confirms discoveries continuing to this day in fields as diverse as particle physics, astrophysics and genetics. "As below, so above. As above, so below."

An engineer will affirm that when two things are in vibratory resonance there is an exchange of energy between them. When used correctly, the Sound System presents the human brain with a task - an activity - that brings it into vibratory resonance with universal natural forces and laws of cause and effect, known popularly to many as karma. Between these two - human brain and Sound System - there is an exchange of energy; in the process, the one becomes a part of the vitally resonating force field of the other. When the two entities are properly tuned, their internal frequencies synchronised, this phenomenon of resonance mirrors the vibrational alignment characterized by science as superconductivity.

How does human DNA respond to such Rot - root - vibrational resonance? What information is supported, or transformed from its potential state, into vital activity, in response to contextualizing which Rot language stimulates in the human brain? What is the effect of Rot sounds upon electromagnetic/ biochemical functions among cells in our brain? And throughout the entire body..soul..spirit? There is obviously much research to be done in this field.

The linguistic system, the Sound System, the ring and ringing of sound of which we speak, is named Alphernas Beten which means, among other things, the "Prayer of the Elvs". From within this ring is generated the Rot {pronounced "root"} language. This impeccably logical language demonstrates and proves itself, when finding fertile cerebral ground, to be the common origin of all languages spoken today, containing "original instructions" that humans were to follow in populating and inhabiting the earth.

In all fairness to those seeking truth, it must be asserted that we are speaking here both of scientifically provable fact and principle. However, the fact of this principle has never been, nor can it be, reduced to or conveyed fully in writing or experienced or tested via the written word - a mere "black letter on white paper". Throughout the millenia of Rot's active role in the guiding the human race's history, individuals designated as its transmitters and conveyors were required to listen to the saga of sounds (with evolving antecedent understanding of meaning(s) and accompanying perception of the logic patterns naturally describing themselves) for some hours each day for 20 years, from the age of 7 to 27. This would have to be accomplished before one would be invited to ask one's first question, for only by then would one be amply prepared to adeptly and responsibly exercise this precious inherited right and and daring undertaking to all. Afterward, one's "sa ga" continued throughout a lifetime.

Via this precisely articulate, resonant process, original Väinämöinen mythology was updated and passed on from generation to generation, rigorously self-corrected and disseminated, "sa-ga'd", via Alphernas Beten, the root. This introduction is not a manual of instruction, however the following attempt is being made to offer the 23 sounds of Alphernas Beten, the ring, phonetically*.

While recalling that the first (it is also the last) "i" (say "eee") in the ring sits in the "12 o'clock" position, the following will list the sounds and their names as they follow one-another "clock-wise," in order. The first list spelled phonetically according to approximately "general" American English pronunciation usage; the second list spelled with the proper Rot symbols, notational, i.e. marks, that we call letters representing the sounds. And, herein a frank note to the inspired and/or serious reader, to create a fertile ground in one's mental processes, which need becomes naturally - as opposed to normally - accommodating to the Rot Sound System, one wants to think - imagine - see in the mind's eye - not letters but sounds:
We will soon be putting up a detailed list of the Sounds, their phonic spelling, and their names. Check back or connect with us by e-mail.

* See Glossary entries for individual sounds in the Ring. Audio materials are available through (Glossary not available at this printing)

It is worth noting that this alphabetic ringing makes three direct statements concerning the role, fate and destiny of "ho-man" (human) beings upon Earth. This ringing of three primary statements set forth by the circular alphabet is symbolized - notated - thus: i Asernas Börg C Dagen, Ekens Frus Grund, Hel. i Jarlarnas Karlarnas Lag: Monen, Nordcharnan, Oden, Polen, Quadraten. Ras Sol Tor, Ursprungets Vaner i.

Within this ring of sounds the condition upon which our species would multiply and inhabit the Earth was and remains set forth. Of course, in order to fully understand this ring of three statements or conditions of human existence, one must understand fully each individual sound and combination sound in these 23 words and how they relate logically in their ever-revolving, never static, always growing, brilliantly and sublimely ordered continuum and truly original form of circus -a word which means, in Rot, "love of the ring".

Väinämöinen mythology presents a "logical, honest and true" history of the human race upon the earth. Pre-dating currently known written records, archaelogical findings and all known artifacts, it is a story too voluminous and intricate to store up and pass on via the inadequacies and unnatural limitations of the written word and the activity of reading.

The written word is, in our context, a relatively recent form. It stands out, in contrast to Väinämöinen mythology, as mute and static, for this device upon which we rely so heavily today for the storage and transmission of our legacies accords legitimacy to all statements, be they vital or insignificant, genuine or deceitful. Analysis under the clear light and resonating force of Väinämöinen mythology (sound logic rings true Š) reveals the not-so-faint palimpsest of successive corrupting hands. Centuries - millenia - of manipulating the "Truth" for personal gain have seriously distorted mankind's vision not only of himself, but of his past and actual legacy.

The Bock Saga - or Väinämöinen mythology - is more than a living historical document; it was the original scenario for human existence, a handbook for humans to live by, authored via Alphernas Beten itself. Today, achieving skillful, practiced use of its primal sound system, one can demonstrate the common origin of human linguistics, mythologies, symbolism, philosophies and religions the world over. Should any care to understand and appreciate how we humans are meant to inhabit the Earth and play our naturally lawful roles in maintaining the system of which we are each so obviously a part, one may search confidently and fruitfully for such understanding within the Rot linguistic ring. No such tool, resource, key or gateway, has heretofore been offered. Perhaps this priceless treasure is emerging from secrecy none too soon, for the human race, rapidly accelerating into a hairpin turn, after following for too long a mentally, physically and spiritually destructive-consumptive straight away, that it is (we are) evidently ill-prepared to negotiate.

Thus it was that the Rot itself - the ring of sound upon which all human communication was originally based - carried the "sa ga" of human history, the giving-receiving from generation to generation using the continuuum of human brains, human procreation and human kela* within the Bock family for the natural and given purpose of the Sound System: that is, to teach, guide, instruct, inspire, comfort, lead and direct the human race in conducting its existence in harmony and accord with natural universal law. When human activity was maintained by this balancing act, the greatest potential inherent in human existence was achieved. To nurture this potential, to live in vibratory resonance and daily harmony with natural law, and to engineer accordingly a self-governing human society, graced with understanding and appreciation, was the purpose and value of Rot language, the Sound System, and Väinämöinen mythology accomplished through Pa ra dis et - Paradise Time.

Bearing in mind, then, that each sound in each Rot name, word or expression is related in meaning (logically, honestly and truly) to each and every other; that the understanding of each sound - each word - is a life-long procedure and that transference of the story, the mythology, the saga, traditionally opens with a unique 20-year "statement" and accompanying process; and bearing in mind also that the system cannot be written, that it must be heard in order that its logic, honesty and truth be given opportunity to express themselves by ringing in one's brain; then, by way of introduction, suffice it to be observed that, after Väinämöinen mythology presents a long account pertaining to earlier events of creation, rendered in most exquisite detail via this kela "in sound", we are given the following to contemplate: that the bal, having undergone its processes to the point permitting it, al (say "all" - we can think of the one-celled algae*) gave rise to il (say "eel" - means "eel") which gave rise to garuda (frog) which came onto the land, slowly evolving into monki (say "moon key" - means, today, monkey) or apa (ape) which, in union with nanivorhi (today "goat" or "bock") engendered the first two humans, Frej (say "frey"), masculine, and Freja (say "freya"), feminine, in Hel, in Val hala, the exact center of the original North Pole at the beginning of Par ra dis et.

At 7 years of age, Frej developed sperma (sperm) rendering his brain the fertile grund (ground) in which Alphernas Beten, the potent seed of a complete system and planet - "family plan", could germinate and tarot (take root). He began teaching it - transferring it - to his sister Freja and thus brother and sister learned to communicate verbally by speaking Rot.

Frej was the first Bock, the first member of the Aser. Aser were the pipol (pronounced "pee-pol", means people) living inside Odemna (pronounced "uuu-den-maaa), a ringland, a sunland, a motherland, an eternal land, 250 km in diameter, the exact center of which was Hel (means "clear", "home" and "complete"), located at the original north pole of the bal we call Earth before Ice Time when its axis of rotation was yet perpendicular to its plane of orbit around the Sun (walking southward from Hel, in any direction, the Sun would first begin to appear to rise and set at a distance of about 125 km). Freja was the first Svan, the first feminine member of the Aser, the first matar, from whom all women born would take example.

Thus inside Odenma, surrounding the north pole before the Earth's axial declination, the Sun would appear to circle the horizon 24 hours a day, while at the equator the days were equally divided; 12 hours with sun, 12 hours without, there being no seasons, as we know them today, as they were caused only by the later shifting of earth's axis, occurring, according to the linguistics, 50,010,011 years ago, as of this writing on July 24.

Via Alphernas Beten, Frej and Freja understood the system of procreation they were to initiate to insure that humans born as their descendants would be god (pronounced "goood", meaning good inside) and brah pipol (means outwardly skillful and worthy), able to live lawfully with the Nature System of the Earth.

Frej and Freja, the first Bock and Svan (cf. English "swan") bore 12 sons and 7 daughters, at least. The first son was C po il Marinen, called Ra, and the first daughter Maia (cf. English May and maypole). These first born became king and qvena (king and queen) of the entire human family being procreated, although they did not themselves bear children. They represented the Moon and wisdom upon Earth among humans, while Bock and Svan, their parents, represented the Sun and generation. Only very recently, in Egypt, but several millenia ago, was Ra first misused to represent the Sun.

The roles of the next 6 daughters and the next 10 sons born to Bock and Svan are being omitted from this brief introduction; suffice it to say, for the moment, that none of these ten sons sired offspring, while the six daughtars were eligible to become Disas, whose role will be discussed shortly. These direct offspring, plus their parents, of Bock and Svan make up the Piroet family.The 12th son of Bock and Svan received, at the age of 7, the title Lil Bockin, and at age 27 (after, among other preparations, having listened to the saga for 20 years) Lil Bockin was given, like his father, the title and role of Bock (progenitor; procreator), and he then mated with his generation's svan, the ma tar (Earth mother), bearing 12 sons and 7 daughters (at least), the first born of each being Ra and Maia, the 12th son again Lil Bockin becoming Bock at age 27 and beginning, with Svan, the most beautiful and healthy woman on Earth, to continue this basic round of 12 sons and 7 daughters (at least) comprising the Bock or Piroet family (say "pirouette" as in French, please), the first or head family among the Aser, inside Odenma, before Ice Time. The retiring Bock became Ok (say "ooo co", co as in coat) or Per, while the retiring Svan became Aka (ah-kah). Hence all pipol were per sons or per daughtars.

Bock also procreated with Disa(s) (meaning, among other things, "stem mother") in creating the second et, or family (et also means branch) inside Odenma, the Roset - the Ros et (rose family, rose branch).
The offspring of Bock and Disas were either Rabi or Nar (masculine), Disa or Sienere (feminine).

Outside of Odenma, the planet was settled by Van pipol or Vaner (Van means "one"). Van people spoke Van language, created by Aser based upon Alphernas Beten, the sound system of Rot. Van language was architected to enable orchestration of a vast and virtually limitless range of possibilities, and allowed for exquisite definition of essential details of perception among the Vaner, those who migrated outward, southward, from the center, Hel - the original place of human life - to populate the globe or bal. As they encountered a broad range of terrestrial circumstances never found inside Odenma, they were able to use Van language to guide them in understanding the new lands they inhabited, communicating their existential perceptions and experiences to one another, as well as those travelling and reporting to back Hel, with vivid detail and great precision.

Let us take particular note of the fact that Van, (it is called Finnish today) was designed for a specific purpose: to accomodate and facilitate the role of Vaner in populating the earth.

In Van, as today in Finnish, each word can be used in one of at least 165,252 forms, cases, or tenses, while much of the vocabulary can assume over 200,000 forms. Many English speakers, by comparison, commonly use only a few tenses - present, past, future, perhaps conditionals - leaving 165,100 plus forms yet unused if given the unique capacity of Van.

Obviously, then, into no other known language, past, present, or future, can the Van language's unique potential and possibility for exquisite detail, association and correlation be accurately translated. But we might well wish to ponder this compelling question: how many languages, considered rather complete to our present way of thinking, might be formed by isolating certain areas of the capacity of Van, containing within themselves distinct, if much smaller, portions of the original whole?

At the same time how many forms, nuances, and meanings might have survived or have been accomodated, without flaw, if smaller populations were separated from the continuing instruction of the original architects of language as a whole, when the primary Rot/Van system was abruptly broken into pieces?

Outside Odenma starting from Hel , the first Rasti or information center - in symbolic form - the cradle of the human race at the exact north pole (Hel meaning "clear; home; complete", before Ice Time), Vaner moved southward in all directions forming ringlands the same size as Odenma. This emanation, this "rolling out", from Hel of the original human breeding and information system, was actually but the continuation of antecedent processes bringing human life to the Earth to receive and act upon instructions given to human society from Oden via, in part, Rot language and in which Rot language played its vital, pivotal role.

In each Ringland outside of Odenma, Rabi was Alfader (all father) to three et or "branches" ofVaner: Jarl-et, Karl-et, and Trel-et. To the ringlands from Hel, from Odenma, came also Nars and Sienere who were members of the information system and did not procreate. Disas remained inside Odenma as "stem mothers", creating the second et of pipol, Roset, whose father was also Bock.


Pa ra dis et (in English, Paradise) explains itself in sound via kela, over time, to one learning Rot language, as an historical period of about 400,000,000 years ending with the first Ragnarök, the declination of the Earth's axis, 50,010,011 years ago on the 24th of July, after which began a period called (in Rot) Alt Land Is - "all (the) land ice" - which lasted for 50,000,000 years.

Throughout Paradiset inspirational and informative programs were created in Hel by Aka and the seven Tars and by Ok (Per) (pronounced "ooo - co" as in coat) and the seven Tars (daughtars). These programs, brought to the rasti in each ringland by Nar and Sienere, were played out for the instruction of Vaner in a form of theater called, in Rot, circus. After the declination, this process was interrupted for 50 million years, and has never again been revived in its original and all-inclusive form.

The catastrophic event called the first Ragnarök, the "first destruction of Aser", the shifting of earth's axis of rotation initiating cycles we call "seasons", destroyed virtually all life from the north pole southward, and from the south pole northward, to the equatorial band around the earth, approximately the region we call today the tropics and sub-tropics.

Throughout Paradiset and before the Ragnarök which marked the beginning of Ice Time, Aser, inside Odenma, could kela Alphernas Beten, the Sound System, and speak and kela both Rot (also called As) and Van. Vaner, living in the many ringlands being established outside of, and the same size as, Odenma, were given to kela and speak only Van. The original and living Rot "instructions" for populating the Earth's ho man plan et, the continuing flow of information from the Aser regarding true correct care and maintenance of what we today call our "biosphere" and "ecosystem", contained in the Rot Sound System, were no longer available to Vaner. Programs created in Hel by Rot-speaking As pipol were no longer brought out to play for Vaner in rastis. When they became disconnected from Aser, who had served as the head of the race - keeping the instructions alive for the benefit of all-Vaner, for this and other reasons concerning the s per ma system, lost connection with the governing overpower of Oden which had guided the human family, through Aser to Vaner, via the breeding and information system throughout Paradiset. Just as the brain must be fully connnected to a healthy body to assure the entire organism, the vitality of life, so Vaner required the breeding and instruction of Aser in order to function at their highest potential and as intended according to the planet. Now under Altlandis, the single breeding and information system holding one human family together in a unit having five branches or -et- no longer existed. Now Aser were no longer the head of Vaner; now Vaner had 10 distinct and new breeding and information systems with a Van King at the head of each and no connection whatsoever with - only fading memory of - the small group of Aser - still speaking Rot and Van - completely isolated in a virtual island of relative warmth, a relative hot spot in Hel, a small part only of Odenma, surrounding what had suddenly become the old north pole. Hel - the original North Pole, the cradle and center of human life - was not really a city as such, but rather a settled area among 7 hills and comprising the 7 islands that are just off-shore of present-day Helsinki. Each of these fourteen sites served a particular function in the single procreation and information system maintained by Bock/Van or As/Van family connections during Pa ra dis et, "Paradise Time". When Ice Time (the Alt Land Is period) began, Hel did not freeze over. Warmed by the predecessors of our present Gulf Stream and other natural phenomena, Hel remained relatively ice free. Separated from remaining Vaner by thousands of miles of unpassable ice and snow in all directions, some of the Aser survived there and over time - 50 million years - evolved white skin, blond hair and blue or green eyes. The Vaner who were surviving near the equator also evolved distinctive skin pigmentation and other remarkable physical characteristics; all, however, to this day, appearing to be tropical and becoming differentiated now for the first time from the Aser who during Altlandis became distinctly arctical.

Given foreknowledge of the first Ragnarök and Alt land is, the Ice Time to follow, via their kela of Alphernas Beten in response to observable events, Aser conceived a program for Vaner who in tropical regions near the equator would survive this great catastrophe to earthly life and period of extreme duress. The carefully integrated breeding and information system of Paradiset would end, and among remaining Vaner, in 10 locations, "King systems" would be established for the first time, each for its language using a designated portion only of Van. The initial 10 kings were Rabis at that time Alfader to ringlands chosen as centers for these new breeding and information systems devised to sustain surviving Vaner during Ice Time.

Thus the role of these 10 chosen Rabi radically changed after the first Ragnarök. Each became a king wed to a qvena (queen). The first-born son was again king. The 10 separate king-qvena systems, each speaking a created language developed from a portion of Van, began to evolve not only distinct physical characteristics and outward appearances peculiar to each King-Qvena line, which helped to "keep the pi pol in line", but also to develop distinct linguistic capacity and usage which would later over time become associated with these evolving "racial traits" and "types"** - a process that it is now possible to begin tracing, illuminating and perhaps at last understanding in the modern world using Alphernas Beten.

The Aser, while gradually evolving distinct characteristics, attitudes, and behavior in new and challenging arctical circumstances, no longer created two et of pipol, Piro-et and Ros-et, during this period of Altlandis, while Bock and Svan no longer gave birth to 12 sons and 7 daughters. Instead Raphael and Sara were now the heads of the Aser, who bore only 7 sons and 7 daughters. There was no Ra, Maia, Lil Bock in and Per, no Svan and Aka, no Alfader and Matar, no Rabi, nar, Disa and Sinere, no Piroet and Roset inside Odenma. No jarlet, Karlet and Trelet outside of Odenma, and the population remained accordingly small in its tiny ice free area (Hel) in the ice cap that extended thousands of miles southwards from the new North Pole. (The site of Hel is today Helsinki: sing for the key to Hel.)

Via adept kela of Rot language it becomes clear to both student and researcher alike that the saga of Alphernas Beten not only produced and vivified the life span of Väinämöinen mythlogy but demonstrates it today as well to be the original mythology from which all subsequent mythologies containing "original instructions" have evolved. Via kela of Alphernas Beten it becomes evident that all mythologies present the same basic cast of characters personifying the same essential attributes. The many variations upon identical Väinämöinen originated and related themes began with the onset of Ice Time - Altlandis - when the original human global family system forever broke apart and Pa ra dis et - paradise on Earth - ended forever.

Beginning during Altlandis, 6 more sounds were, over time, added to Alphernas Beten, eventually bringing the total number to 29, to include a feature uniquely distinct to Rot: 9 clear (not combination) vowel sounds.

The Second Ragnarök

The second Ragnarök, the second destruction of Aser, occurred 10,011 years ago as of this writing. The ice cap had been melting northward during 4 major stages that are considered today to be distinct "ice ages". Foreseeing a major, rapid and radical shifting of the polar ice cap as the melting, proceeding northward from the Baltea (between Sweden and Finland and the west coast of Norway today) would reach a certain point, Aser constructed what boats they could, filled them with arctical plants and animals they had been developing "under the ice" and pushed them over forbidding glacial mass to the treacherous open waters where 30 Aser - Raphael and Sara, their 7 sons, 7 daughters, and tors * - succeeded in sailing to the tiny island of Bockland. Following their epic and perilous journey to the sea and a tumultuous voyage, they lived for 1,000 years in chalk caves on what is at present called Göttland (sometimes Gothland, pronounced "goatland" today in Helsinki; a bock is a goat, recall). Rampaging ice churned up the east coast of what is today called Sweden and the west coast of what became Vinland, and later Finland, destroying the site of Hel. It polished both coastlines to a remarkable smoothness, such that the effects of this Ragnarök are still clearly visible today. The glacial icebergs, however, breaking off and floating southward, passed on either side of this island haven of Bockland to the south and a bit east of what is today Stockholm, fortuitously and quite remarkably leaving the Aser taking refuge there unharmed.

9014 years ago as of this writing, an advance party of Aser returned from Bockland /Gottland to Tuna * to begin reconstructing Ra C po ri Cas tel, placing its new fundament upon the site of the original, which the second Ragnarök had destroyed.

9,011 years ago, some of the Aser returned to the original site of Hel to rebuild the breeding and information system with, once again, Bock and Svan creating 12 sons and 7 daughters, Bock and Disas creating Rabi, Nar, Disa, and Sienere, with Piroet and Roset inside Odenma and Rabi Alfader to Jarlet, Karlet and Trelet in the ringlands again being populated outside of Odenma, but this time with blond, white, blue- and green-eyed arctical As pipol - Aser - and blond white blue- and green-eyed arctical Van pipol - Vaner.

A group at the same time moved south from Bockland to England where the climate and conditions were more favorable for propogation of the arctical animals bred and the arctical plant life developed during Altlandis. Concurrently, two noteworthy individuals - two of the more-than-twelve sons of Bock and Svan, Dan and Sven - rebelled against the system in Hel and, to the west, went their separate ways to create two independent systems - Danmark - the mark of Dan - and Svenskara - the Land of Sven, today Denmark and Sweden. Part of Sven's system eventually broke off and established its own Norwegian system and, in time, also produced another off-shoot, the Icelandic. These developments can now, for the first time, be traced and verified using the Systematic Key, Alphernas Beten.

It is also well worthy of note that beginning 9,011 years ago, in each generation, one " Han* Odens Man" - a Han O (say "uuu") Man - today we know them as Hanuman - would be sent from the recreated system at the original site of Hel to each of the centers of the 10 king systems evolving since the beginning of Altlandis during the next 9,000 years until 1984. Our recent "1984". The objective and goal of each Han Odens Man was not to make any attempt to "correct" or "direct" these 10 original king/qvena systems but rather to simply reconnect them, regardless of the state into which they would be found to have transformed and perhaps disintegrated over 50,000,000 years, without the source of information and guidance of Oden which it had originally been the role of Aser to transmit and convey to Vaner during Pa ra dis et; which it had been the role of Aser to preserve, for the entire race, throughout the period of Altlandis; and which it became the responsibility of Aser to follow, to the best of their ability, in guiding the 10,000 year program projected until but eleven years ago, the Georgian calendar year 1984.

The stated vision and objective in the Bock Family 10,011 years ago (at the time of the second Ragnarök) was that in 1984, the entire human race, by virtue of its formal reconnection with its roots in Hel and the source of understanding found only in the - our - common Rot langauge and system of thought (kela sparked by saga) would now, in our present time, have become elevated to a state of health, well-being, understanding and wisdom guaranteeing that any woman on Earth could choose any man to father her next child, and be assured of producing an inwardly good and outwardly good person or perdaughtar, equipped to live in peace and harmony with the laws of nature. These laws, inherent and explicit in the Sound System of our common cultural root, Rot language, were to become accessible to humanity directly, via Alphernas Beten, at the same time, beginning in the spring of 1984.

The revival of original Hiden (perverted to "heathen) culture envisioned and undertaken at the the original site of Hel 10,011 years ago, did not ultimately succeed as planned. It was a shock, following 50,000,000 years of evolution, for various brown, yellow, red and black Vaner to 9,011 years ago begin meeting distinctly arctical blonde, white-skinned, blue- or green-eyed Vaner coming from the north, often leading strange domesticated arctical animals, which had also evolved under the ice and had never before been seen by tropicals. Some additional white Aser and later Vaner were breaking with the reconstructed system in Hel and, taking their supporters with them, going their separate ways, creating systems of leaders and followers (abandoning the guidance of a shared system wherein all are equal) and establishing very different roles and agenda concerning human harmonization with - or abandonment of - Nature's Law and the guidance of Oden, which became mispronounced and misunderstood variously as Odin, Woden, and other degenerations of the original, and even worshipped as some kind of "god".*

During a period of approximately 8 millenia, a number of individuals bearing only partial knowledge and understanding of the original system otherwise being regenerated, turned their backs upon it. Using what knowledge they had acquired they sought to create systems of their own rather than follow in the Bock family plan ie. As part of the plan et. Seriously and radically reforming any and all cultural institutions they usurped, they based their edicts upon existing conditions and partial, incomplete knowledge and understanding, often replacing understanding with belief and force. In some cases their inspiration was seriously degenerated by a new malaise and disease they spread wherever they went: personal ambition, greed, and an ego-centric Oden-ignorant urge to wield un- na tor al powers over others.

On noteworthy occasions, a few of these, under faulty guidance, allowed themselves to become worshipped as "superior" or "divine" beings, "demi-gods" or "gods", concepts foreign to the Väinämöinen system but ones that, along with beliefs, humans will kill and die for to this day. The Hiden Pipol, those living in Hiden time, Paradiset, had neither need nor reason for any system of belief. The human family as a whole, while it was composed of its five et or branches, was given means of understanding the workings of universal laws in nature upon and through all life-forms sharing this bal. They could be understood in kela of life processes within the one human family culture, based upon, nurtured by and distinguished as, processes rooted in Alphernas Beten, the ring of 23 sounds, invested as they are with meaning that unfolds and imparts to the entire species - with impeccable logic, honesty, and truth - the plan for human existence. (Plan means plan, recall, and Et means branch or family. Hence planet, the plan for the human et, which actually included all co-existing life forms upon Earth, naturally, as perceived and experienced by this one As Van speaking human family system.)

The ho man family during Paradiset was neither a lofty, impractical, unattainable ideal nor a merely intellectual abstraction but a living, daily and lifetime, social/cultural entity -organism- in which every person and every perdaughter could play a particular role and become a living example of one facet of the whole. Each would have the opportunity to become exemplar to all the others - the entire family - in a cultural position understood in the ring - in the sounds - Alphernas Beten.. At any given time, Aka and Ok - Matar and Alfader - were either mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, great grandmother and greatgrandfather, or great-greats, to every human being alive. That is, theirs was a real family.

The Rot linguistic system detailing this information can now be challenged, experienced, examined and verified by any human being(s) willing and able to approach it. One can, for oneself, kela its function in the human brain, using oneself as the matrix, the laboratory, the system's fertile ground, and one can share this kela with others to distinguish between that which is na tor al (natural) - logical, honest and true, and that which is norm al - normal - unnatural, illogical, dishonest and false. In no way can the written word accomodate the majestic potential of such a positively profound, mentally "electrifying" process and morally regenerating activity.

The Hiden (say "hee-den") people had no concept of a god, any god, nor any deity*. Rather, Alphernas Beten afforded to Aser profound understanding of eight powers in creation, four masculine and four feminine, manifest to human perception as, and given the names: Hel, Bock, i, Oden, * Ra, Tor, Frej, Freja, and upon this understanding, developed and maintained via kela of sound logic - sound logic that rings true - the breeding and information system was founded and continually renewed, taking however a very different form in the ringlands than it did inside Odenma, while yet entirely dependent upon the system radiating from Odenma, rolling out from Hel, in which the pipol in each ringland played their part. This will be detailed later and elsewhere when we present or discuss the breeding and information system at greater length.

The Hiden system, then, was based upon a linguistically-instructed brain-connected superconducted genetically - informed bio-chemically - activated and today scientifically demonstrable transmission and understanding of nature and natural law created by what we might today agree at least - if nothing more - to refer to, regard and appreciate as some form of obviously "Higher" Intelligence.

The major religious systems are based upon belief, and require belief. Not only belief in a so-called "god", but belief in the so-called "divinity" of at least one principal male figure (why never a woman?) to whom has been attributed supernatural powers in which one is absolutely required to believe. In such a system, the believer is robbed of and denied use of the capacity with which, and the freedom in which, to understand. Failure or refusal to believe the dictates of religion and self-appointed religious officers and bureaucracies have resulted in punishment, crusade, torture and painful death. All of this perpetrated in the name of human beings trying, in certain noteworthy instances at least, to encourage peaceful ways among otherwise brutish peoples who had devolved into a grotesque state of insanity - a state in which one human being would actually and willingly be moved to inflict harm, pain, or even death upon another, the lowest most abominable state into which supposedly intelligent and potentially good humans can possibly degenerate.

Perhaps the major, most ruthless and relentelessly successful attack upon the Hiden (now "heathen", with all of its negative connotations) culture, and providing ample evidence of the extent of human devolution since the end of Pa ra dis et, was sustained over many centuries by a bloodthirsty bureaucratic organization using the good name of a personage known as Jesus the Christ (one of the more than twelve sons of Bock living, according to the Saga, approximately 2,000 years ago, a man who never intended to harm anyone) to create a profitable, militant, imperial empire, the Roman Catholic Church.

A logically accurate picture of this historical period can now, using Rot as the instrument, be constructed for the first time. This is a vital undertaking given that today many beliefs dating from Bibical times are seminal to contemporary culture and directly influence the politics hence economics that determine human impact upon the ecosystem of this biosphere.

In the name only of a peaceful Jesus, self-styled, so-called Christ-ians murdered, raped, tortured, desecrated, decimated and destroyed what little remained of the culture and languages of the original human family. In time, if one refused to believe the pronouncements coming from Rome on the one hand, or from Constantinople on the other, one was likely to be beheaded or burned to death at the stake. Those who resisted the particularly Christian (so-called) onslaught and monotheistic belief system have been branded as evil or barbaric to this day.

The Third Ragnarök

The third Ragnarök, the third "destruction of Aser" and the dying Hiden culture, occurred on July 24, 1050 AD. At the instigation and direction of Pope Leo IX a mercenary Helvetian army, brought north from Switzerland, sailed from what is today Sweden, surrounded Hel, destroyed and looted what they could, and killed all who had not escaped.

In 1050 A.D., a number of Aser did escape the third Ragnarök moving northward to Lapinma (Lapland) where they remained until 1248 AD, at which time the Bock Family was given permission by Karl Birjirl Jarl, ruling Swedish magistrate of the day (by whose name we can recognize as having secret ties with the Bock Family) to move south and again plant its cultural roots upon the original site of Hel. However, as a part of the agreement, nothing could be said at all outside of the immediate Bock Family concerning Väinämöinen mythology - the Bock (and human) Family saga - until 1984, the year in which all previous breeding systems were meant to end.

During the 7 - ½ centuries preceeding this writing (Spring of 1995) while their saga was kept completely secret, the Bock Family on several occasions nearly died out. As their numbers gradually dwindled, the living thread, the continuum, connecting the Bock Family and human life with its earthly and pre-earthly origins via Alphernas Beten and the Bock saga, was afforded fewer and fewer human brains in which to live its life and be passed on from generation to generation among pi pol (pi [it] speaks of ring, pol of [old] North Pole, hence the "people" come from the pi pol).

While the essential, only, transmission from generation to generation continued in closely guarded secrecy, its former cultural role, influence and support system had shriveled to naught. While the values exemplified in Väinämöinen mythology and lived out in the original Hiden system were yet upheld within the immediate Bock family, they were lost on and forgotten by white decendents of artical Aser and Vaner who had preserved them under great hardship throughout Altlandis and for several millenia thereafter.

Today, Ior Bock is the last Bock. He will bear no children. As the long anticipated year 1984 came upon the Earth, the Rot sound system, the original, primal, still-living root of all subsequent human communication, the linguistic system that taught the human race how to procreate and populate and live at peace in harmony with the earth for "400,000,000" years, the ringing of sound logic in honesty and truth that nurtured, governed and guided our species throughout the time of Paradiset - Paradise Time - was alive, yes. But alive as a single thread only in the brain of one man, the last member who will ever live of the oldest human family lineage and self-conscious continuum upon this planet.........

Unless-And until we can view the entire, the whole, the complete, accurate and true picture of the human story, our history, as earthly inhabitants who in one manner and another have managed to survive thus far; and until and unless we truly understand - not believe, but understand - this picture, this history, and how we came to inherit the global situation that is confronting us today, and accept the logic, the honesty and the truth of it..........until then, how can we know how we must proceed under present conditions in which all must work together to heal the wounds inflicted upon our Ma (our mother, the Earth). By healing our Ma, our mother and our Earth, we may yet hope to share, in lawful terms - the naturally lawful terms of the Life Wheel, as opposed to the Money Wheel - our sincere appreciation for that upon which human survival had depended until now, and shall, henceforth.

No religion, philosophy, political system, economic system, social system, technology, government, vested interest or institutional power structure currently established on the Earth today is succeeding in turning, directing, inspiring or leading the massive volume of human and other natural resource as a whole into caretaking and stewardship of the global ecosystem; yet this is the effort required from all humans in order to renew and maintain the habitability of our Ma. Given that the combined impact, in sum total, of the human species on this planet is rapidly destroying the very conditions upon which plant, animal and human life mutually interdepend, how is the Bock Saga relevant to our human race today, apparently bent on self-destruction?

Until we humans can understand "the logic, the honesty and the truth" of human origins, and the history of human existence and the human continum to date, our race will remain subject to deception, misconception, belief, coercion, subjugation and the multitude of miseries preventing it from realizing and manifesting its potential perfection.

A learned gentleman, President of Boston College, collecting the results of a lifetime search into the origins of the human species, published a book entitled: Paradise Found - The Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole. The following is from his opening remarks:
"...This book is not the work of a dreamer. Neither has it proceeded from a love of learned paradox. Nor yet is it a cunningly devised fable aimed at particular tendencies in current science, philosophy, or religion. It is a thoroughly serious and sincere attempt to present what is to the author's mind the true and final solution of one of the greatest and most fascinating of all problems connected with the history of mankind. "That this true solution has not been furnished before is not strange. The suggestion that primitive Eden* was at the Arctic Pole seems at first sight the most incredible of all wild and willful paradoxes. And it is only within the lifetime of our own generation that the progress of geological discovery has relieved the hypothesis of fatal antecedent improbability. Moreover, when one considers the enormous variety and breadth of the fields from which its evidences of truth must be derived; when one remembers how recent are those comparative sciences on whose results the argument must chiefly depend; when one observes that many of the most striking of our alleged proofs, both in the physical and in the anthropological domain, are precisely the latest of the conclusions of these most modern of all sciences, it is easy to see that a generation ago the demonstration here attempted could not have been given. Even five years ago some of the most interesting and cogent of our arguments would as yet have been lacking. "The interest which has so long invested our problem, and which has prompted so many attempts to solve it was never greater than today. The lapse of centuries has rendered many another question antiquated, but not this. On the contrary, the more the modern world has advanced in new knowledge, the more exigent has grown the necessity of finding a valid solution. Men are feeling as never before that until the starting point of human history can be determined (italics added), the historian, the archaeologist, and the paleontological anthropologist are all working the dark. It is seen that without this desideratum the ethnologist, the philologist, the mythographer, the theologian, the sociologist can none of them construct anything not liable to profound modification if not to utter overthrow (italics added), the moment any new light shall be thrown upon the mother-region and the prehistoric movements of the human race. Every anthropological science, therefore, and every science related to anthropology, seems at the present moment to be standing in a state of dubitant expectancy, willing to work a little tentatively, but conscious of its destitution of the needful primal datum, and conscious of its consequent lack of a valid structural law."

William F. Warren, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1898 (11th ed.), reprinted (1964) by Health Research, Mokeumne Hill, CA

These words might have been penned today, stating as they do the tenuous nature of various structural frameworks over which humans have layered cherished beliefs in place of accurate understanding. Professor Warren's case is as compelling now as when he copyrighted his work in 1885, quite unaware of course, of the Bock Saga, that living hand now emerging from beneath its cloak of secrecy to perfectly fit and animate the glove he so precisely tailored in advance.

In the present writer's most cherished view, most people the world over today, from all nations, races, and cultures, via religion, science, philosophy; via traditions exoteric, well-known and observed by millions; via practices little known, esoteric and observed only by a few; via lives being lived in great cities and centers of population and mass production; via lively pursuits in small towns and among tribes in rural areas and yet primeval places - from all walks of life everywhere - the vast majority would seek to affirm and honor accordingly the one thing we have in common, regardless how anyone or ones perceive it, or believe it, or understand it, or misunderstand it, or have utterly lost consciousness of it, to be, or not to be, the truth: we humans are of one origination. There is but one species of homosapiens inhabiting the Earth. Our origin is one, our destiny is one. We are one. One example. One species. When we separate ourselves and harm "others", we harm our selves, our species. When we create winners, we create loosers and for every "winner" we create, we create many "loosers." To the further detriment, degradation and devolution of the once truly human -- ho man - race. Glorified by the Money Wheel as "progress" through competition which had declared war on (inherent) life-wheel ethic of the ho man plan et: co-operation.

[Editor's Note] Odenma was also called, during Hiden time - Paradiset - Asgard - the Garten of Oden. The sound...O - ooo - Oden is feminine, represented by the ring. The sound i - eee - is masculine, represented by the pole. When O - Oden become i - iden (now spelled Eden) the naturally feminine sound is replaced by the naturally masculine sound - a naturally feminine Garden of Oden becomes an unnaturally masculine imposter, a so-called garden of i den, which is directly contrary to the natural play of the natural law found - understood in Kela of the Rot; in Kela of Alphernas Beten. (AB G.O.D. Bros Travel ling circus)

If a root - Rot - language and history actually exists as herein introduced; able to prove itself to be ours, and if we ignore it, and if we fail to investigate it and study it and learn it and reconnect ourselves with it; with our roots and common origin as human social cultural beings capable of communication and cooperation, intelligence and wisdom, then we, as humans, will be throwing away the one key we are given that can unlock from within virtually all languages and cultures - the secrets of our origins. We are now afforded, in the Bock Saga, an unprecedented opportunity and peerless means with which to discover and understand where we come from, who we are, and how we are to go onward now as naturally law-abiding residents upon the earth.

If the thread that Alphernas Beten and the Bock Saga offers can take us back, back through time, back through an unfolding exploration and understanding of our true nature and purpose, back to our very beginning as humans, to our original instructions, to the root and basis of all human brain-and-being capacity for communication, to the cradle of the human race, only there and therein (for where else in that case?) might we reach for and grasp the profoundest understanding of all: how our species can live in peace and harmony on the Earth, henceforth, and.....for ever? More?

Leminkainen Tempeli

What is today in part called Finland was at one time called Vinland. Vin (say "veen") means wine, but refers to the Vin necessary for human procreation. This elixir is named, in Rot:, sperma; and in English, sperm.

Being few in numbers that but gradually were increasing as the breeding and information system of Paradiset brought more pipol into the planet to create and populate more ringlands, the Hidens, family of humans, understood that if, for any reason, the (human) sperma* from which all are born were to degenerate, our species would die out and the plan et would fail.

Hence there was great, sincere and profound appreciation both for sperma itself and for the system which insured its highest, unadulterated quality and health from generation to generation. The system whereby this human elixir—s per ma—would circulate hermetically sealed within the human family, regarded always with great honor and respect, was very elaborate, deserves careful understanding, and will be detailed elsewhere in a more appropriate context beyond the scope of this introduction and commentary.

In time, profound appreciation for s per ma began to express itself via Jehova, an appreciation system.

In Rot, Je means give; hov means court; and a means Aser, Ok ("ooo-co"), and Aka. Hence Jehova means "(we) give to the court of (the) Aser, of Ok and Aka." The court of Aser was in the cas tel of Ra and Maia, representing the moon as King and Qvena, the first-born son and daughter of Ok and Aka when the latter were beginning their earlier mid-life roles as Bock and Svan, representing the Sun.

The court of Aser, the court of Ra and Maia who presided over it on behalf of their parents and of all Aser and Vaner, was held at Ra c po ri, today Rasepori, which one can visit in Tuna, 90 kilometers west of Helsinki in Vest Odenma, today in modern Finland spelled Uudenmaa.

Following Jehova according to individual inspiration, talent (nature gifts) and feeling, Vaner could and would spend many years or a lifetime (they lived according to the Life Wheel which afforded Life's Weal with no impairment from any Money Wheel such as enslaves us - separates us from nature - today) creating aesthetiques—esthetic objects of art and craft. The finest selection of these, created "for Tuna", were chosen to represent each ringland in each generation, and it was of course a great honor (for tu na te) to have one's piece, one's peace, one's lifetime labor of love and appreciation, sent to Hel to represent one's ringland, sent to the north pole of the Bal, sent to Ra c po ri, to the cas tel of Ra and Maia in Tuna, where it would rest, on view, upon a mantle frieze called credence (pronounced as if it were French, please) until the reign of Ra and Maia would draw to its natural close.

As each reign of King and Qvena would begin, Ra c po ri Cas tel would be empty of aesthetiques. As each reign progressed, the cas tel would gradually fill, and as each reign concluded, the cas tel would have become the plan et's mo c um—museum—giving credence (this time in English, please, "credibility") to the existence of Jehova, a system of true appreciation. (While every investor hopes to see his or her properties and stock in the Money Wheel "appreciate", the system itself negates the life wheel and a life lived solely by its laws and values. Hence, unto this day, the Money Wheel stands opposed to Jehova).

Leminkainen Tempeli in Erst (east) Odenma played a most important role— served a unique pivotal function—in the breeding (or procreation) and information system of the plan et which will be detailed in an appropriate place. Beneath Lemeninkainen Tempeli, deep inside Kÿpelivorhi mountain, carved out of the granite bedrock many miles thick and extending for hundreds of miles in all directions from what is today Helsinki, the Bock Family Treasures Chambers asssumed the form of a cone (that of the hat we place on the head of Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Per Nuel), small at the top, expanding downward from its cupol, from generation to generation, as along the spiraling inside balcony roadway, chamber after chamber connecting with adjoining storerooms was prepared to receive and later display the Maia Aesthetiques ( in today's English shortened to "majestic") representing an ever-growing and developing population in its ca pa c te (say "kah pah see tey - "capacity" or "ability" ) to express feeling, appreciation and experience in enduring material form.

When the castel of Ra and Maia had been emptied and transfer of maia aesthetiques - majestics - to the most recently created salle chamber complex had been completed, its door would be closed (but not sealed) and before it placed a life-size gold statue of Leminkainen, bar (naked), anatomically correct in minute detail as he stood at age 27, fully erect, when becoming the Bock, the breeder, for the period of his story - history - thus represented in following Jehova.

The Jehova system was interrupted 50,010,011 years ago. It was slowly resumed 9,011 years ago, continuing until 987 AD (as marked by the Gregorian calendar) when Leminkainen Tempeli was closed, sealed, and its entrance disguised and hidden to save it from otherwise certain looting and destruction at the hands of either the Greek Orthodox Church (moving northward to the east) or the Roman Catholic Church (moving northward to the west.) *

*Ros Land , the "land of roses" (we have white Russians and red Russians, i.e. Roslander) to the east fell under Greek Orthodox domination in 987 AD while what is today Scandanavia, to the west, fell under Roman Catholic domination in 1008 AD. The Bock who would preside in that historic moment was instructed to proclaim "and now we can see if my ancestors have been honest or not!" At that time, in 987 AD, it was declared by Aser, about to begin their escape to the north, that "That Bock who is living 1,000 years hence, on the 24 in 7, 1987, (July 24), at noon, has the right to open it."

It is upon the broad unflinching shoulders of Ior Bock - the last Bock who will inhabit the Earth - that this awesome, profound, absolutely incredible yet perfectly understandable task has fallen, to share, as he does so generously, both with his friends and with any who willingly claim, as well, this inspiration and labor to be their own: To now re-open Leminkainen Tempeli.

The efforts committed in recent years toward excavating the entrance to Leminkainen Tempeli and the Bock Family Treasures Chambers, humanity's only such "time capsule" from an ancient past concerning which it shall otherwise remain oblivious and uninformed, have in themselves been generating a modern cultural "saga" becoming truly epic in proportion. While this momentous and unprecedented work seems quite naturally inspired by growing understanding of Alphernas Beten and Rot among a very few, a number of obstacles have been - and as of this writing continue to be - encountered. These would seem to define the very meaning of Normal and the moral/spiritual bankruptcy of the Money Wheel, characterizing the very essence of modern "thought" - or the lack thereof - and are all too commonly replaced by human preoccupation with Money - bottom line so-called "profit" - about which there is nothing Na Tor Al - natural - whatsoever. At this juncture in (closing) our commentary introducing long guarded Bock Family secrets —linguistic and templar— concerning Väinämöinen mythology, the Bock Saga, Alphernas Beten, Rot language, Hiden culture and Leminkainen Tempeli, we pause to thank the reader for continued attention and interest and to confide that while considering the possibility of further disclosures in this field, the writer finds—what to call it—a certain "lingering wondering" perhaps? Circulating ceaselessly in an otherwise relatively normal brain...

Is it sound science? Truly myth-o-logical? Does it ring true? Can you (help!) dig it?

We are just beginning to suspect which meaning the alphabet could have for todays life. Probably it is the key to the understanding of all myths .

A. Barker

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