Neo Dada Interviews BAG on the subject of Dada Mind and No Mind

Note from the original interview: This interview took place outside of No Mind, and appears to have no connection with either mind or no mind. It is here as an addition to the No Mind quest: Dada Mind, and which more information regarding the similarities between DADA and No Mind will come from BAG in subsequent interviews. Grammar will be edited when the mind is present... Neo Dada will alter and edit itself into a No Mind format...

BAG, an obscure world famous interpreter of language, notable speaker on how it is used to communicate, and special Guru for a select few, tells his observation of Dada and nomind, and how it is being  used in this context. BAG noted before this interview that Dada artists produced works which were nihilistic (1 a: a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless Merriam-Webster) or reflected a cynical attitude toward social values, and, at the same time, irrational — absurd and playful, emotive and intuitive, and often enigmatic, "anti-aesthetic". Then BAG began to laugh, "ah yes, incompatible, unknowable, visual,  spontaneous, illogical, this is what I'm talkin' 'bout! No Mind is All Mind, if you will pardon the what you call ‘contradiction’. See, please listen closely, there is no contradiction when it comes to mind. Mind is everywhere everything anything, and, No Mind is same! ‘Mind’ ‘no mind’ all one thing."

Neo Dada: "And now, after reading this, ah, he calls it, a 'construct', what can you bring to light for the reader who is taking the whole 'construct' lightly and yet wants to understand for reasons of the readers own?"

NOTE: ‘Construct’ is referring to the original interview that has been misplace or lost even; This page is (in) a ‘Construct’ (concept/assemble) 'ion' (an atom/molecule which has lost or gained one or more electrons, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge) mode as the basis of this attempt to draw creativity from a body/mind worn out from a long time struggle...)

BAG: "Well, first off I'd say this construct has taken a deep round about way for expressing idea that may or may not be interesting or relevant to anyone other than the writer. Secondly I'd say that the writer not looking for understanding but constructing platform to be used for getting his ideas feelings, fantasies even, I'll dare suggest, out of the box, which is what I suggest to my students the world over. Get your heads out of the box! I yell at them."

Neo Dada:: BAG I'd like to interject here, and ask how you came about being known as 'BAG'.

BAG: Belly laughter. "Well, is quite simple, my name Baba Allah Guru, my students love get personal, when they find using letters from Baba Allah Guru come out BAG, resulting in perfect handle for me, they thought. They doing this when should have been meditating. But it their nickel as is said in America. They tell me is good ‘handle’, ha ha ha, this kind of words used in America, funny, handle? I personally prefer Mister Baba Guru, but always give students and devotees exactly what they want to hear, they pay me good salary for this. So, call me BAG!"

Neo Dada:: Okay, that out of the way, what is your take on this No Mind?

BAG: "I love it! Why not? But now let me interject, I am not prepared answer questions when Dada is involved, and Dada with No Mind!”
Burst of hearty laughter here, “This another animal as said in some circles for some reason my own mind not familiar with, it get tricky here so is possible continue at later time?”

Dada: Okay, one thing though, I know that the english language is confusing, to me anyway, sayings like this; “One thing though” oddity.

BAG: Interrupting,“This very funny! One thing though” Hardy belly laughter from BAG, his body shaking. “One thing though, and what is this one thing though?

Neo Dada:: If maybe you could tell me how can it be if I am not here, who is it that is thinking that I am here or that I am even me!”

Bag: “Ah yes, confusion in the question. When ask yourself - ‘am I here or am I not here’ - this question only brings about confusion, so no more questions! Think... there is no ‘I’ so who can ask question? As long as you see ‘I’ the question comes from mind, when drop ‘I’, only answer present. Answer is you are here you are not here both. It is ‘just be’ no look at ‘why’ ‘how’ or other questions that have no answer. Answer is you are here you are not here both. When no look, no seek, you are here yes, in this moment, this moment all there is. When try see beyond this moment, mind comes in to play with you, mind wants to keep in control, so it asks endless questions and you are lost inside the questions! Put in other way, This Self is that some-thing which is always and already there in the moment, which doesn't come and go. The love, peace, and happiness we have all been seeking, already here, - LAUGHS - and is, in fact, who we are. Through what is called self-inquiry, we can awaken from the dream of a separate self to the reality of Oneness, not twoness -LAUGHS- nondual!”

“The mind will always ask questions to keep you off balance, make you think, make you believe that there is an answer, so one continues to look and life passes by then gone, poof! But must see the mind only trick itself as it is gone to, poof! So, both mind and no mind lose this big of war, no winners, when stop asking questions, you win you are you…It all so simple and complex, the dichotomy of life.

The answer is if you must have one is no more questions! Simple.

But, BAG is not wanting to look at this game mind plays with us.”
Gruffly, BAG waves Dada away saying, “BAG wants to continue at later time. Bag needs lay down with ‘no mind’ and dada and find place where all meets all without questioning, BAG internalizes understanding and able to be teacher to students who ask question. Again, I say, it get tricky here so is possible continue at another time?”

Dada: Absolutely! Sorry about that. I see now that I need more time to formulate answerable questions, and, we'll have more fodder to digest I'm sure. One final request; would you experience the ‘No Mind’ state before the next meeting?

BAG: “I certainly will.”

Neo Dada:: So then BAG, Dada On!

BAG: “May the gods bless you!”

To be continued..........

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Dada is against the future.
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