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From a forum about ‘MEANING’ of ‘REALITY’

Reality in everyday usage means "everything that exists". The term reality, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether it is observable, comprehensible, or self-contradictory by science, philosophy, or any other system of analysis. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, whereas existence is often restricted to being (compare with nature).

In the strict sense of Western philosophy, there are levels or gradation to the nature and conception of reality. These levels include, from the most subjective to the most rigorous: phenomenological reality, truth, fact, and axiom.

Even if we were inside a Matrix or computer simulation, we would be experiencing what we think is reality.

We would have to exist to experience anything as would the Matrix or computer. These things that do exist then are the "real" reality and would by necessity exist outside of our minds. Again proving that the statement; "Reality is only in our minds." to be false.

The point is that no matter how you contrive delusion, illusion, simulation or "your reality" it is logically impossible for reality to be only in our minds.

That some of reality is in our minds is of course a true statement and I would say an obviously true statement.

Objective reality is real and exists totally independent of us or our knowing. A rose is a rose is a rose whether anyone is there to experience it or not.

To go even further; there must be at least one mind and/or consciousness for reality to be observed and experienced. That mind is itself a part of reality and therefore reality, and/or by extension the universe, must be conscious and experiencing itself. This of course is a whole nother bag of worms outside of the topic of this thread (I couldn't resist throwing this into the mix just to give us something else to think about in our spare time).

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