"I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect."
- J. Krishnamurti

By jimmyeightysix

Excerpts from: ‘Perfect Brilliant Stillness’ by David Carse

“You don’t have a mind to lose. You’ll just lose the mistaken idea that you have one. But scary, yes. That’s the ego, the sense of being an individual self, reasserting itself and not wanting to go where it isn’t in charge any more. That’s why I say sometimes that left to our own devices, no one would choose this. The ego can’t choose its own annihilation. Fortunately, it’s not up to you.”

“Look, it's all so incredibly simple. There is no one here. This is not a figure of speech. I mean there is truly no one here, no person, no individual speaking to you.

I agree that there is functioning in these body/mind organisms. There is physical functioning and there is mental functioning. Physical functioning is experienced as bodily activity of various kinds. Mental functioning is experienced as thoughts and mental activity. And it is because of these activities, what the Buddhist tradition calls the
skandhas, the thought processes, sensory perceptions, and so on, the functioning of the body/mind organism, that there is an assumption made that there is something, someone, here doing these things. But that’s an unfounded assumption. To perceive that the skandhas are empty of an individual self doing them, is to awaken. All there is, is Consciousness. There is the apparent functioning of Consciousness in and through these apparent body/mind organisms, but they do not exist as separate entities as such.

That’s why we call this the dream; everything, including the body/mind organism you call yourself, does not exist as something separate in itself, but only as an apparent functioning in Consciousness. There is no separate self or mind, only dream characters in Self or Consciousness. There is only thinking happening in this apparent organism, in these dream characters. We experience this. We experience thoughts happening; but the assumption that they originate inside these heads in something we call a mind is an unwarranted leap. It’s the basic misperception from which everything else, all of dualism, all of the illusion of separation, all
samsara, follows.

You look at me and think there is a person here talking to you, trying to tell you something. I assure you, there is not. Look at me. If there were not Consciousness streaming through this body, what would be here? What would this body be if Consciousness were not here? A corpse, of course! Dead matter. There is nothing else here. There is only the appearance of a body, and Consciousness which animates it. You, along with the rest of the world, have assumed that there is a discreet individual person here: that the Consciousness which is the animating force here is an individual consciousness, unique to this body and separate from the consciousness in other bodies.
The contingency of it all, the impermanence of it all, the devastating meaninglessness of it all, its total inability to be grasped. And yet, the apparent solidity of it all, the seeming concreteness of it all, the joy in the simple arising of it all, and its utter inability to be denied. Who would deny any of this anyway? This is happening, undeniably, and the person who would deny this would just be another happening anyway: another thing happening, another happening thing. And yet, nothing – no “thing” - really happens at all. There is only this, and nothing more.
There is nothing here that exists in and of itself. What we call the human being is not an independent being, not an originating mechanism, not a transmitter. It is a relay station, a pass-through mechanism for Consciousness, the One Consciousness, All That Is. That is what I am, talking to you. And it is the same One Consciousness listening to this, looking back at me out of those eyes you call your own. What I am when I say 'I Am' is exactly the same as what you are when you say 'I Am.'

We’ve all been conditioned to get scared at this point and worry about going insane. When you step beyond the boundaries of the almost universally accepted parameters of the dream, of consensus reality, and thoughts happen that are really ‘outside the box,’ outside of Plato’s cave, then it is quite possible there may be some experience of psychological pain or turbulence. And also, everyone else still in the dream is going to think you are pretty weird. But trust me, the place that is really insane is where you are now, believing you are separate; not knowing your own true nature, thinking you are this thing, not realizing You are All That Is, the pure choice-less Awareness in which all this appears; Being Consciousness Bliss, Outpouring.

Gary’s Story

I've read many, many, too many spiritual books covering a wide spiritual spectrum from here to there; my first encounter with spirituality came from two books given to me by a woman whose refrigerator I was repairing and engaging in a conversation about life with which she initiated probably because I looked like a closet seeker. Those books were ‘Freedom From the known’ and ‘The First and Last Freedom’ by J. Krishnamurti. My life began to change while reading them over and over... and then ‘The Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda came to me, I fell in love with him, and read the book many times over the years. Ram Dass ‘Be Here Now’ arrived around this time in my life for $3.33 along with my discovering Hermann Hesse, Carlos Castaneda and countless more philosophical and spiritual writers.

And now... ‘I’ am not here. No bodies home.
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