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Reading ‘NO MIND ME’ most likely has you wondering about my state of mind (Is he slipping?) Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’… into…. & out of.

Yes, but no; and how is that/this? I go both ways all ways, no limits, no expectations, it all just is, it is what it is... There is no one here

Gary’s Mind Book: A Condensed Directory of his Life

But wait, this is a draft right? ‘Draft’ means many things, so, (Draft document, - a version of an unfinished document or other written work and this was finished from the start) Lets change the title to;

LOOKING FOR ME: A Construction Project
( 02-12-12)
To many words to much bullshit I know… This will be rectified soon enough. Or not.

A Construction Project; As (in) a ‘Construct’ (concept/assemble) and 'ion' (an atom/molecule which has lost or gained one or more electrons, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge) mode as the basis of this project to draw creativity from a body/mind worn out from a long time struggle... but, recharging & renewing daily, finding the need & desire and bringing in the time; time to meet that female who can appreciate this sort of wackiness with a fun loving guy who enjoys good conversations, dinners & movies in & out, reading fiction and non, either a full time or part time couple, or good close friends; the way is clear, the path is smooth, leaving the question: is the time right, are ‘we’ right? Is anyone right? As Clinton brought up this kind of thought process/question: It depends on what is meant by ‘right’! I do fine alone, but in my experience I am usually better off with a partner in life. Is this paragraph grammatically readable? So, looking back at this writing years later, I note that it is a sort of notice a resume of sorts; looking for that like minded female.

This Construction Project, building a Condensed Directory page to introduce myself to whoever may be interested. Don’t get out to social gatherings much, consequently do not meet many new people and my old friends have moved on to…? I’m not sure what this is all about yet. Maybe a digital
Personal Card…? I want to reconnect with-out-of-touch friends who became lost, or, it was me who became lost? I am reminded of Hesse’s Journey To The East, where the man on the journey/path came to believe that the journey was cancelled, only to find after many years that it was he who got lost and drifted off the path. After a marriage 13 years ago; a divorce was filed and decreed to be over on 02-12-12, leaving me out there, hence, this project; LOOKING FOR ME I have long believed to be from another universe or another galaxy, an antenna, sending a constant stream of thought transmissions back home for them to see what these creatures who have colonized this planet are about. My humble conclusion is that they have not yet developed any awareness of who they are, not satisfied with this garden of eden that they have inherited or been given by cosmic events, and the joy of an amazing life to have for well over 70 odd years, although they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure this unanswerable quest out, the quest continues. They are unable to accept the obvious truth that the story they tell of a Garden of Eden is the story of the garden of Eden that is Earth itself! They shun and they destroy the very garden that gives them life support and so much more!

This projects goal is constructing some sort of loose directory of my life over the past thirty-six years leaving most of the 12 married years out, surveying the changes the different phases, the changing beliefs, where the changing me can be seen and deemed compatible, and more…. If you read the NO MIND ME page, and got this far… I feel obligated to elaborate on who are these different aspects of this man, his writing, his thinking, his observations, his perceptions of life and on and on are. I should have someone look this over and give me their honest opinion of what this appears to them to be. Is it my ego? Does it look desperate? Am I an idiot?

However I am busy and have to get other projects finished up first; a quick bit of…

‘I’ am who got me this far. I am the one who set the course of my life, for better or for worse this is me. The writing about who is this me, and do I or we even exist, and if I or we do who are we and who is the ‘I’ that speaks for its supposed self? Who is asking these questions? Sounds confusing and it is but I love reading about and living Advaita “…There is no one here. This is not a figure of speech. I mean there is truly no one here, no person, no individual speaking to you.” …the duality of life, well... I am really out of time so let me post a writing that I recently read with a link to the whole article for you to check out if you feel the desire;

“What is Advaita, or nonduality? Advaita means non dual or "not two." This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one nondual consciousness. Often the question arises, "If it is all one thing, why don’t I experience it that way?" This is confusing oneness for the appearance of sameness. Things can appear different without being separate. Just look at your hand for a moment. Your fingers are all different from each other, but are they separate? They all arise from the same hand. Similarly, the objects, animals, plants and people in the world are all definitely different in their appearance and functioning. But they are all connected at their source—they come from the same source. This one Being that is behind all life has an infinite number of different expressions that we experience as different objects.” From: http://endless-satsang.com/advaita-nonduality-oneness.htm


I’ll be back in a couple of years when my mind clears with some writing of my own with descriptive words & phrases of insight into who and what I am or think I am or what I am not. I am a player of words, love reading love music love nature love intimacy love life love good conversation love open honesty love kissing love Tantric sexual play love trust love laughter love good films love dogs love eco poetry love my small box garden below and why I love being here and why am I really here...


Be back soon, Gary - dec 4.11 - garysgood75@gmail.com

Do not have a TV connection… Tobacco smoke annoys me…
Do not participate in consumer holidays… Politicking annoys me…
Do not know mush of anything… Oil burning vehicle exhaust annoys me...
Do not agree with American drug laws… Cow-pies fine but bullshit annoys me…

I have always been an outdoors type, the early years camping with friends… Eventually becoming part of a forming commune that is still thriving… Living there now are one original couples kids, their kids, and one other original member... It was here where I had the fall that paralyzed me forcing me out of the woods into the city... Down from the mountain into the marketplace...

Eco-poetry touches me… It draws me into what the writer saw and felt by how he or she uses words to create a visual…

Eco poetry

Pat Mora

Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge

if the earth's old bones smile
I hear them
in the hush of this greenless forest
shining up to the gray clump of salt cedar

to black swords of mesquite to the grace of grasses, yellow, rust
if the earth's old bones smile

I hear them shining
to strange chirps and clatters
to strange birds with necks that flow and flow
Canadian geese, sandhill cranes
stirring the air, stirring the air

if the earth's old bones smile
I hear them shining
in pools, in the mallard's green shimmer
in the startled FLAP
filling the blue with a whirl white
silent, vast
then dip of black tip
snow geese, snow geese

if the earth's old bones smile
I hear them
shining in the white of the majestic crane
the great Whoop
white neck flowing, flowin
into desert grasses
white flowing
into the smile of old bones.


Gary Snyder

Arctic Midnight Twilight Cool North Breeze With Low Clouds
The Bear Mother
The Black-tailed Hare
The Blue Sky
Boat Of A Billion Years
Bubbs Creek Haircut
The Canyon Wren
The Circumambulation Of Mt. Tamalpais
Covers The Ground
The Dance
Earrings Dangling And Miles Of Desert
Earth Verse
The Elwha River
Endless Streams And Mountains
Finding The Space In The Heart
The Flowing
Haida Gwai North Coast, Haikoon Beach, Hiellen River Raven Croaks
The Hump Backed Flute Player
Macaques In The Sky
The Market
The Mountain Spirit
New Moon Tongue
Night Highway 99
Night Song Of The Los Angeles Basin
An Offering For Tara
Old Bones
Old Woodrat's Stinky House
Raven's Beak River At The End
Three Worlds, Three Realms, Six Roads
Under The Hills Near The Morava River
Walking The New York Bedrock Alive In The Sea Of Information
We Wash Our Bowls In This Water
With This Flesh


Many changes for my mind this year this year (2010-11)

Some good (Divorce) some not so good (Chronic pain that I am dealing with) some great (Developing my constitution, being physically strong) some bad and good, the serious burn on my ankle that had a skin graft has finally healed after five months of the weekly visits by the Wound Care Nurses, but I keep on rolling on with a real smile.


NOTE: All pages are in a constant flux updating altering & rethinking mode www.nomind.me